UPV (Sculpture Dep.)


Sculpture Department of Fine Arts in Valencia wanted a renewed institutional image as a interdisciplinar department within the framework of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. This is the proposal I co-produced with Ada Benso, Leire Bueno, Andrea Xoana Guiance and Bárbara Cachán (Barcava) in response to the open call the departament made.

Client: Sculpture department
Website: www.upv.es
Date: 2015
Services: Brand desing
Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign

Our proposal takes the letter “E”, that used to represent the department, as a starting point.  Its forms have been evolved gradually to set aside the letter and become symbol: a road that branches, which intertwines, which creates ; a structure, a center at the crossroads of the infinite possibilities (interdisciplinary) that the Department of sculpture provides the students.

Its color range proposal has not only a transgressive sense; has much to do with the sense of interdisciplinarity, also. They are neutral because they mean nothing , no recall or referenced to anything ; is not the green of hope or nature; It is not the blue of water; It is not the red of passion; It is not the yellow of lemons; even purple, by itself, does not refer to anything. These different possibilities give visibility , presence and , above all, distinction.

Logo application over different supports

Sculpture department is a strong and sturdy structure, open to all kinds of proposals , open to experimentation (without limitation) in different spechees and new fields; is a module in constant change, with the flexibility and movement of a (flexible) spring. It is a clean, straightforward, light and contemporary logo.