Hello, I’m Adrián, an independent illustrator and concept artist based in Spain.

Since childhood I have always been passionate about everything related to the image. And this is why I decided long ago to devote to this. Thanks to that I enjoy every order I do. My work is characterized by the versatility and adaptability to each project, always keeping a personal style. I am a responsible and serious person, ready to start new projects.


Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, Premiere, Muse, 3d Coat, Keyshot, Blender, unity2d.


• Knowledge of color, composition, use of light, perspective, anatomy, drawing and painting.

• Knowledge of materials and techniques (digital and traditional).

• Ability to quickly generate thumbnails based on art direction, progressing to more detailed color concepts and final illustration.

• Ability to think creatively and use imagination to produce new ideas.

• Ability to interpret other people’s ideas.

• Ability to quickly render imaginative concepts from verbal and written direction.

• Ability to create Storyboards.

• Basic knowledge of traditional animation and motion graphics.

• Ability to meet deadlines and tight project schedules.

• Ability to focus on multiple projects at the same time.


– Brand development.

– Brand applications ( Business card, letters, papers…).

– Graphical application over promotional elements (plv).

– Graphical development for places (taverns, pubs,shops…).

– Creation and adjustment of final arts for production.